Saturday, November 7, 2009

Green Store Review: Eco Market

To be green is to be practical.

This is why I used to frown at so-called green products that have outrageous prices. These products can have a greater and more significant impact on the environment only if we can bring down the prices and make them more affordable to the mass market. Since freight is a major price component, it is great that we now have locally-made organic household cleaning and hygiene products like Messy Bessy and Ilog Maria that are available in Eco Market stores.

Afew weeks ago, I passed by the Eco Market kiosk at Trinoma and was enticed by the variety of their reasonably-priced products. I bought a bit of this and that from their personal hygiene, household cleaning and baby collections. They all worked well and smelled great! Plus, they wrap purchases in earth-friendly packaging. I'm happy and will definitely patronize them.

Oh and they will definitely make great Christmas presents. Check out Messy Bessy's 2009 Christmas Catalogue here.

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