Saturday, July 25, 2009

How to Organize a Tree Planting Activity

Planting trees sound like a very simple activity. But not when we're talking about doing it on a bigger scale while at the same time, facing issues on sustainability.

This was gist behind the creation of PUNLA: A Beginner's Guide to Tree Planting, an initiative of the Environment Committee of the League of Corporate Foundations.

Launched during the 2009 CSR Expo, Punla serves as a D.I.Y. guide to those who would like to embark on a tree planting project. It features case studies of member organizations who have performed their own related activities.

Manuals are available at the LCF Office.
Telephone No.: +63 (2) 892-9189

10 No Sweat Environmental Things to Do

Planning to embark on a green lifestyle?

You don't have to sweat it out. Here's how.

  1. Use a green bag. Keep at least one in the bag which can be used in purchasing items in groceries and department stores.
  2. Do not ask for plastic when buying small items from convenience stores or when buying drinks from fast food chains. They can either be placed in the bag or carried by hand.
  3. Walk. It's a cheap and environmental alternative to the treadmill. Besides, it clears the mind from stress and allows fresh ideas to spring. Anywhere within the Makati CBD can be covered by a 15-minute walk at the most so unless it's too sunny or too rainy, walking should suffice for the regular car and taxi rides. (It also applies to those who work and reside in pedestrian-friendly areas.)
  4. Enable the power saving feature of PCs. A typical employee who works from 8 to 5, spends about Php 500 a day for his/her computer set alone. It will cut down costs if each employee's monitor automatically goes off after 15 minutes of non-activity. (Contrary to popular belief, screen savers do not save on energy.) It's also best to turn PCs off if the user will be gone for 3 hours or more.
  5. Unplug appliances. They still consume electricity even if they're off yet plugged to source.
  6. Print only when necessary.
  7. Print on scratch paper for non-formal correspondences and files.
  8. Recycle and dispose wastes properly. Let the creative juice flow every once in a while. Join the Ayala Malls Recyclables Fair or SM Waste Market after some major spring cleaning at home. Batteries, for example, should not be disposed in regular waste bins. Encourage household help and office maintenance crew to sell recyclables to junkshops.
  9. Be conscious of light and aircon usage. Apparently, these two comprise the majority of house and office energy consumption. Computers come third.
  10. Buy and support "green" products.
How about you guys? What are your favorite environmental things to do?