Friday, March 11, 2011

Save the Palawan Movement: 10M Signature Drive

Palawan is a biodiversity sanctuary. It is home to many of the country's endemic species, a habitat of wildlife, and a host to 40% of our remaining mangrove areas and 30% of our coral reefs. It has 17 key biodiversity areas (KBAs), 2 world heritage sites, and 8 declared protected areas.

But mining strips away these wonders from Filipinos.

Only 3% of our country's old growth forest cover remains -- an alarming fact for a nation that needs at least 45% forest cover to protect lives and regulate natural processes.

Mining is both extractive and destructive: it entails uprooting trees and digging holes on the earth. It leaves behind a barren land of absolutely nothing but a trail of tears for sorry Filipinos.

We give up generations' worth of food, livelihood, water and air for a sector that consists merely 2% of our country's annual Gross National Product. What's worse is we're only a small country surrounded by huge bodies of water. With climate change and its effects, inevitable, what makes us think that mining is our future?

Save Palawan. Save the Philippines. No to mining.

Sign up to the 10 Million Signature Drive of the Save the Palawan Movement.

3 Ways to make your voice heard:

1. Cast your vote online.
2. Download the Petition Form and ask your family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, etc. to sign.
3. By SMS.
- Text: No2mining (space) name/age/location
- Send to 2366
* Note:Php 2.50 per text

Go Social! Advocate online.
By Twitter, and
By email.

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