Saturday, August 8, 2009

Why Pinoys Should Be More Conscious of Packaging

Apparently, traditional snack and candy wrappers in the Philippines all have to go and therefore contribute to the over 7 tons of garbage that Metro Manila dumps everyday.

During a phone inquiry, the National Solid Waste Management Commission said that wrappers are treated as residual waste.

This is problematic, considering that most local food products have non-biodegradable packaging. Aside from this, other products for mass consumption such as shampoo sachets prove that segregation and recycling efforts are futile if they all have nowhere to go but in the landfill heap.

So what must be done now?

It does seem too much to ask for food manufacturers to use green packaging for their products. One of the reasons may have something to do with costs.

However, individuals shouldn't consider their voice too little to be heard. In fact, consumers as a whole can do so much by creating the demand for green packaging.

So support products with biodegradable wrappers. It wouldn't take long for manufacturers to know why their products are selling less than their competitors.

Let's be on a quest for local green products.

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